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Q: Will they make a story and whether it will be on PS4. World War 3
A: At the present time, we focus only on multiplayer and we do not plan to add any storyline to it forcefully. We want to polish up the maximum multiplayer game, so that it is an amazing adventure and fun, full of various tactics and opportunities for cooperation on the virtual battlefield. As for the typical singleplayer experience, we are considering such an option in the future, especially because by working with veterans from the missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have collected a lot of valuable feeback.
Q: How many playable nations will be in the game?
A: In WW3 a very large number and additions will be available, which allow personalization of a soldier, rifle or vehicles to the versions used by different national uniform units. During early access, we will successively add new weapons, uniforms and widely understood visual supplements that will expand the possibilities of "creating soldiers" from around the world. It is worth remembering that in today's times a large number of equipment is used by many different armies, as an example worth mentioning the Leopard 2 tank, which although it is a German construction is also used by Polish, Spanish, Swedish and many more. The analogous situation is with the HK416 rifle or special unit equipment. In the first phase of the conflict, we focus on the European theater of warfare, where the American and English forces will be present as expeditionary forces.
Q: Will there be a possibility to fly airplanes in the game?
A: In WW3, we want to focus on the presentation of armed conflict from the perspective of an ordinary infantryman, with particular emphasis on various infantry, armored units and drones. There will be no possibility of piloting airplanes because we assumed that they are highly specialized and hard-to-replace combat units, which are usually used as temporary support for land units - by performing air strikes or precise strikes on designated targets. However, it is worth mentioning that we have quite a large assortment of various types of drones, including land and flying, such as circulating ammunition or autonomous observation and combat helicopters. We want to show that the future of armed conflicts will be based on limiting human losses (eg pilots) by using a wide range of autonomous or remotely controlled combat vehicles. War is not a sandbox in which planes spawn in bases every 3 minutes and serve as taxis for infantry. In WW3, any support, such as tanks, drones or artillery, is available only after the player has accumulated enough points during the game, and the most points can be earned for winning and defending key goals and team play.
Q: Do you plan to prepare World War 3 for consoles sometime in the future? And if not you, then work with another team that could help?
A: After the premiere of the WW3 trailer, the number of queries about console versions is overwhelming. We are convinced that the future we will create WW3 versions for consoles - at the moment we are not losing our main goal from the horizon, which is the fastest possible release of the PC version and its polishing together with the players.
Q: How would you like to use photogrammetry?
A: In World War 3, we do not use photogrammetry, because this technology is ineffective in big urban locations. However, thanks to Artec scanners, we use structural light technology to scan uniforms and equipment items.
Q: What do you think about the general pursuit of different, rapidly spreading trends and their approach to producers, industry publishers, such as micropayments, multiplayer focus at the expense of a single player or recently battle royale?
A: This is a very good question, basically even three, which we could talk for hours ... but I will try to summarize. The gaming industry is a sign of our times, what the television and cinema in the twentieth century was in the XXI century are widely understood computer games - they are the most popular and profitable segment of mass entertainment. The gaming industry is creative and focuses on innovation, because the viewers always expect "something new" from both the playable and technological side. It is unpredictable because it is difficult to assess the expectations of the players and how it will look in a year or two. It is very profitable, as the number of players increases year by year with the increase in population and wealth of players in developing markets (today it is China, Brazil and sometime probably Africa). Because there is a lot of competition on the market, both large and small companies are looking for new forms of monetization of their games: f2p, micro-payments, dlc, premiumpassy, ​​etc., but the devil is usually in the details. The most important thing is that the developer / publisher does not forget that games are supposed to give players joy instead of frustration, and that is the basis for success. The problem is often not the micropayments themselves, but the way they are implemented in the game, which can spoil the fun. The gambling issue, which is very controversial, will be eliminated, but the most important conclusion of this whole problem with looboxes is the fact that the gaming community was able to exert effective pressure on corporate producers. As for the increasing dominance of multiplayer games, it is simply a fact. A significant number of players prefer to experience adventures together with friends and not alone, but it is worth emphasizing that narrative games will never disappear from the market and will always find their recipient. As for the battle-royale, the basic problem lies in the interpretation. Battle-royale is more like a game mode than an independent and unique construction game. Once everyone played in Free For All, then Team Deathmatch appeared, then Capture The Flag, and later other variations of domination. Now that royals have gained popularity, other developers are simply combining how to implement it in their games, often at the instigation of the players themselves. However, the problem is that royale does not fit into every game and often looks like carbonless paper and does not offer anything interesting. It is important that the developer calmly analyzes whether creating his "royala" matches the game he creates, because the effect may be opposite to the intended one. Our version of battle royale in WW3 was based on such assumptions - we have some points of contact with PUBG but we also have many other solutions in this mode that fit into our lore and the climate of war - reconnaissance missions, where divided teams on squads, they must not only survive and eliminate other players, but also find and secure intelligence data. Our goal is to offer players something new, but based on what they already know and just like, enriching it with our mechanics.
Q: Are you planning a wide and international advertising campaign related to World War 3 in cooperation with the publisher for markets outside of Poland?
A: Our goal is to maintain control over the development of the WW3 brand, i.e. in a great simplification over the distribution and promotion rights, which allows us to independently undertake marketing activities and to develop the game in accordance with the expectations of the community. We do not reject cooperation with publishers, but only if we keep the rights to develop the game. Remember that our goal is to develop and co-create a game with players, which is the basis for the success of any multiplayer game. We work with a very reliable PR agency, which will include, for example, the US. We also do not hide that our main goal is to work with internet creators, youtubers and streamers, not a campaign with billboards and advertisements on a carton of milk in your aunt's refrigerator.
Q: Will there be realistic reproduction of the weapon, specifically it is about modifications and realistic reloading with Escape from Tarkov pattern, will it be possible to shoot limbs, make holes in the body as in the old Soldier of Fortune and eventually will make holes in the walls, modification of the area after the explosion.
A: Yes, the weapon will be very realistic, including through modifications and the ballistic model. An example of this is the possibility of transforming the basic AK-12 structure into many variants such as sub-carabiner, sniper rifle, assault rifle, etc. From one construction we can create many different modifications, adapted to our preferences, as it is in reality. We also have structures and various types of ammunition in the game, so you can shoot an opponent hiding behind the wall. Anti-tank ammunition is of great importance, which is much more effective against armored targets but whose number is limited. In our game weight is also important - where the amount of character equipment or vehicle weight effectively affects mobility on the battlefield. As for the destruction of the environment, the gameplay based on teamplay is the key for us, destruction is present in the basic level, not spoiling the gameplay balance. It will be possible to destroy small objects, curtains, walls, etc., but we do not plan to destroy whole buildings, because on large city maps it is technically feasible and often negatively affects the balance of the game. In terms of damage, we do not want to close production only to players over 18 by adding gore elements to it.
Q: Are you not afraid that WW3 will fall in a clash with PUBG or Fortnite? It is known that this segment is concreted, so many production fell (vide Lawbreakers).
A: We are not afraid because we are not copying the competition without thinking and trying to offer something new, based on solutions known and liked by the players. The mentioned games are purebred battle royals nested deep in this mode, while we offer brewed modes, known among players multiplayer domination with vehicles and infantry, and recon - our original variation on battle royale, which is based on accomplishing tasks and achieving goals, and not only on firing all enemies. In WW3 we also have an extensive teamplay, a strategic module and a very deep customization that distinguishes our title from the competition. We hope that our game will satisfy many fans of battlefields, insurgency or pubg, players who expect a breath of freshness in the segment of military shooters.
Q: WW3 is to be a multiplayer game, without micro transactions, without lootboxes and without P2W. You pay once and get everything. Cool! In that case, will you develop the title tent? New maps, vehicles, weapons, etc.?
A: It has to be exactly as you write. We do not plan lootboxes and certainly not P2W. At the early access stage, we intend to enrich the game's content with new maps, vehicles, weapons, characters, etc. We want to consult the chronology of adding further extensions to the game, for example whether they prefer more maps or customizations, so that the game gets content, which is actually desired by the community.
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Q: Will teamwork be more satisfying than going rogue and kiling?
A: We're working hard on making this game teamwork-focused. We have squad leaders who can issue orders, by finishing orders you get points that allow you to call in artillery support, drones and vehicles. So teams that play the objective and listen to their leader will have an edge over people going rambo. You may spend ten minutes running around and farming kills to get that tank or you may stick together, accomplish an objective and get that tank in half the time*. We hope that, among other things, will keep players focused on teamwork.
Q: Will there be quick throw and quick knife buttons? Could they mimic classic games with seperate switchable keys?
A: We have a quick throw for grenades for convenience's sake but the exact throwing time will be balanced to counter 'nade spam (we also have friendly fire so random grenades often do more harm than good). We have no knives at the moment and our melee will work a little bit different than in most other games. No one-hit-kill frag wonder-buttons.
Suggestion: Releastic and classic reload system where if a magazine is changed it should be lost forever. As example 30/4 where 30 indicates the bullets inside the magazine and 4 is the amount of magazine instead of 30/120 (COD style).
Response: We considered that but it's too hardcore for most players and we're sticking with the CoD-style system. However, if most of the player base will be interested in making the game more realistic we can consider switching the ammo system.
Suggestion: Seriously NO HEALTH regeneration!
Response: We have partial health regeneration - Your health bar is seperated into "blocks" and you can only regenerate to a certain amount without using a med kit. So you won't be left as a one-hit kill with 1% HP, but you will want to stick to players with medical supplies or carry them yourself because, say, 30% HP is still pretty damn little. Armor also influences how long you can last in combat and it doesn't regenerate, you need to resupply it manualy, always.
Q: Will hit markers be in the game?
A: Yes, we have hitmarkers in WW3.
Q: Any classes in game? Or will the player have the ability to equip any gadget?
A (Muflex): No classes, we do not want to limit our players in terms of the equipment they want to use on the battlefield. The only limitation will be the weight of the chosen gear.
A (Borreh): Weight will influence a whole range of things. Selecting the correct weight of a loadout for the correct task will be a part of the fun :) During our evening play sessions I'm already finding myself wondering "uhhh I'd be cool to take that but it will overburden me uhm so maybe this instead? or no ehhh" quite often... We'll gladly share more details when the time comes so stay tuned.
Q: In World in Conflict the game had a feature called tactical aid where you can call off map support such as vehicle drops, artillery/air strikes or aerial recon. will WW3 have a similar mechanic in this game?
A: Yes, during the match player will get points for completing map objectives and killing enemies. If he/she reaches certain amount of point it's possible to spawn a vehicle, drone or call for aerial strike on designated point on the map.
Q: When a match starts, Will soldiers ( Players ) be spawned in say, a truck / on a chopper / on foot as they move into the actual fighting area like some kind cinematic scene? Or it is like Battlefield, where you will spawn at a base / fixed location a little away from the actual objectives, then you move in from there?
A: You start in your base at the beginning. Intro cut-scenes were talked about but even if they will be in the game it won't be during EA launch. There is a seperate insertion method for the Recon game mode but I don't think I can talk about it just yet.
Q: Will there be medkits?
A: Yep, medkits are in, in more than one form in fact!
Q: Will this game transcend the borders between COD and Battlefield?
A: A few months back we settled that our ideal was something in-between Battlefield and Insurgency but everything is subject to change during our internal tests. But that's what we're aiming at, currently at least.
Q: In the trailer, the guns looked closer to COD then Battlefield. Will the gun play have similar to feel to Battlefield?
A: In the trailer the guns weren't at all balanced, we're going through that right now, the guns will have recoil, probably even more so than in Battlefield.
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Q: How many weapons are available on early access ?
A: Assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Precision Sniper Rifles, Explosive weapons (RPG and such), shotguns and pistols. There are also different types of grenades, gadgets (claymores, semtex etc.), so there's gonna be a lot of stuff for you to play with.
Q: "How many weapon classes will we see (Assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, DMRs,etc.)?"
A: Assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Precision Sniper Rifles, Explosive weapons (RPG and such), shotguns and pistols. There are also different types of grenades, gadgets (claymores, semtex etc.), so there's gonna be a lot of stuff for you to play with.
Q: "Will all weapons be buyable with in-game money or there will be premium ones also?"
A: There will be no premium weapons. Every single one of them will be buyable with in-game currency.
Q: Will you only be able to choose weapons based on your country or any weapon on any side ?
A: No limits when choosing your gear.
Q:Will the weapon selection be limited to only modern weapons or will we have access to older (WWII) weapons as well? For example, will the wz.35 Vis pistol be in the game? example
A: we're keeping the weapons mostly to what is used by the modern military, but there are some iconic pieces there :)
Q: What about sniper rifles and their modifications? Will you add Barrett, As-50, SVD and other?
A: On the Early Access we will have T5000, G29 and TOR 12.7, we are planning to add AWM, M200 in future
Q: Will there be special forces equipment like in the real world? Guns like H&K416 etc.
A: yes!
Q: Can you give any hard facts about the attachment system, such as what exactly we'll be able to customize and how it will affect the gun? Can you make an absolutely different weapon?
A: It will be very versatile. Gameplay customization - weapons (stocks, barrels, sights, magazines, grips, laser modules,flashlights). You can change attachments and body parts on the weapon making it work in different situations. Armor plates, Vehicles (armors, turrets, remote control weapon stations, active protection systems)Visual customization: uniforms, helmets, headgear, camos, flags, badges, body paints, face paints, emblems... Quite likely even more during early access.
Q: Can the player choose nades only for his equipment besides say light armor?
A: Close, but not this hardcore. You can choose to take more or less weapons, but you should always have something to defend yourself and we're trying to limit grenade and rpg spam since it's annoying for us too :p
Q: What type of protection can we choose?
A: You can choose your helmet and ballistic plate when it comes to soldiers and for heavy vehicles you can customize the armor you take - but remember, armor is heavy!
Q: "Will we see modern night vision goggles (like gpnvg-18) and night maps in the game?"
A: We're working on it, can't confirm anything now though.
Q: Will we get some artillery stuff like military mortars or tanks, armored tracks only?
A: There are various options when it comes to delivering ordinance from a distance
Q: I saw a small wheeled drone on your announcement trailer, what was that? What was it's purpose
A: It's a little reconnaissance drone called Nerva. You're gonna be able to use it to track enemy movement and - just like in the trailer - attach an explosive surprise to get the party going. example
Q: Will there be any character progression in-game and what form will that take?
A: There will be standard xp based progression that rewards the time you've spent in the game, but we're not planning on forcing you to play 100hrs for a certain part or weapon.


Q: The game is apolitical,and Russia is one against all? Make Ukraine her ally and add China,no one is offended?
A: We're trying to keep as far away from real politics as we can, with the game set in 2026, we can, fortunately, keep it as a fictional setting. Unlikely allies are possible so all our players can play with each other.
Q: "Poland Fighting" on the arm of the polish soldier suggest that game was supporting by former GROM members?
A: Yes, our company has quite long history in cooperating with Polish military R&D centres and special forces consultants.
Q: "Don't want a map of China, so the game could be blocked on the Chinese Internet"
A: We know it's complicated. We'll try to figure something out.
Q: "Will the camos be army-specific or am i going to be able to put any camo on any soldier from any army? For example, Izlom on a german soldier"
A: Total freedom, man. We're not gonna tell you what to do.
Q: So far we have seen 4 factions UK, Germany, Poland, Russia in the trailer and i was wondering how the team would be divided to
A:It's just a visual customization, You can be on each side of the conflict
Q: "How much localization can be achieved?"
A: We shall see. We'll try to make enough to satisfy you guys.
Q:"Is the country only once selected?"
A:No. You can change your national gear and visual identification any time. But changing faction will make you lose loyalty multiplayer.
Q: Again, How will the factions be divided into ? Will it be restricted to Nato Vs Russia?
A: We're not going to restrict people very much, we're putting gameplay fun over politics any day
Q: how many Nations Are Involved in world war 3 and will there be other settings other then Europe?
A: We've got 5 nations, but as the war continues, more will join
Q: Will female soldiers be an option?
A: We'd love to have female soldiers on the frontlines from day one but there are other priorities before early access release (optimization, net-code) so we'd probably introduce then during early access.
Q: "What type of menu options can we expect? Things like a FOV slider, widescreen support, high resolution support, colorblind mode, etc."
A: Basically what you just said. We already have an FOV slider, widescreen support is there as well, some of us play in 4K res... We have it.
Q: Will other countries and nationalities be added after the game's initial release in future updates, if so how many?
A: Sure! We don't know how many, but there are plans to keep tabs on where the game is popular and add the countries and nationalities that players want. For now I can tell you that there are going to be British and American expeditionary forces.


Q: How big are maps, comparing for example with the biggest maps from BF4?
A: Imagine a few blocks of a capital city. Our urban maps are approx. 1 km squared
Q: Hello.You said you will have maps based on realistic locations.What does that mean exactly?(size/details/places)?
A: Our urban maps are very closely based on real cities, with outdoors slightly less so
Q: How many theaters of war are planned apart from Europe?
A: We're planning on adding more and more locations as the game progresses. We'll see what is requested the most and add it.
Q: Are you gonna make front-line maps or only cities?
A: We'd like to have wide variety of maps so there'll be more open/landmark maps, not only cities.
Q: How exactly would the world war map look like, could you provide some details on that? I'm assuming it's something similar to the idea of H&G?"
A: We'll reveal more info soon, stay tuned.
Q: will the game map size smaller than cod:ww2 ?
A: much larger
Q: "Will there be more Polish maps as DLC after the game is released? :D"
A: We'll see! We'd like to make some more Polish maps, but we have to keep in mind that everybody would like to have a map in their country.
Q: How do you plan on adding vehicles in such small maps? I mean, 1km square sounds pretty small for vehicular combat, especially if you'd like to put Helis in the game at some point!
A: We have outdoor maps planned that will be larger.
Q: "Will there be nice high ground sniper spots and close quarters fight places?"
A: Sure! It's good for gameplay, innit?
Q: "is there gonna be different environments? ie not just cities but also forests, mountains etc"
A: Yes, we'd like to have a wide variety of maps. Generally we divide maps into two kinds - urban (cities) and outdoors (like woodlands, deserts etc.). We also have plans to test prototype maps with community to get lots of feedback about gameplay and so on.
Q: "Will you add Island Battles?"
A: We'll see. Can't confirm - won't deny.
Q: How big will the maps be vertically?
A: As big at the real locations are, if that's what you mean. If you ask about gameplay verticality, you can be sure we're thinking about it.
Q: Do you plan to have maps set not only in europe but across the world?
A: We'd like to spread all over the world, it's a World War damn it! We're not focused on Europe so further development in terms of next maps will be determined by community feedback.
Q: Are we going to have a test range?
A: Yeah, it's gonna be there at some point.
Q: Will London be a map?
A: Not at the start of EA
Q: Will there be a chance to play WW3 in night scenery?
A: Yes, we actually believe it's best to play WW3 in the evening, you know all the errands finished, work done, nothing distracting you form pure gaming experience On the more serious tone - we'd like to have night maps but it won't be available from day one, maybe we'll introduce this feature during early access if it becomes one of the ore popular requests.


Q: While there be smaller gamemodes like s&d and tdm type modes?
A: We'd like that and will probably introduce those during early access. First we need to polish Warzone and Recon.
Q: Game mode: bf or planetside or something else?
A: It's not like Planetside 2. The maps are separate, but the effect of every battle is presented on the War Map. In that sense it's more similar to BF.
Q: "Will there be a Battle Royale Mode (LUL) will there be a crosshair?"
A: Yes we will have a BR like mode, but it's not a clone or reskin of other BR games. It's our own take on the subject. Urban, objective and squad based game mode. It's called Recon. More info soon
Q: "How many game modes will there be? Ex. CTF, TDM, etc?"
A: "When WW3 enters early access there will be 2 game modes - Warzone and Recon. We believe that is better to have two solid game modes which give you a lot of fun than multiple game modes that nobody cares about.Trust me that we have a lots of crazy ideas for new game-modes which we want to discuss with the community but the two (warzone/recon) we have right now are our priority at this point."
Q: "How many squads can fight at once in ur "battle royal" mode"
A: We are still experimenting with it. We want to achieve tactical but nerve wracking feel in this game mode
Q: "What the gameplay will be like. Conquest, control point, operation, team deathmatch?"
A: First of all the gameplay will kick ass. We're gonna have two game modes when we enter early access - Warzone and Recon. Warzone is more traditional, there are points to capture, vehicles and so on, while Recon is our fresh approach to the battle royale genre which, according to what's currently on the market, has never been tried by anyone.
Q: How many players can be in a match?
A: In Warzone mode up to 64 players, In Recon it's still to be decided (player experience is the priority) and we'd gladly hear your feedback during early access
Q: "How does round or match gameplay affect the strategic world map?"
A: You gain strategic resources which you then distribute among certain areas of the map. This allows you to gain additional bonuses for your faction if you contribute enough
Q: "What are those additional bonuses for faction on a world map?"
A: By controlling points of interest you can influence the game economy. By controlling the cities your faction is gaining small gameplay bonuses. More information on meta game soon
Q: How big are the battles going to be? 32vs32?
A: As big as it's fun to play, but we're currently aiming at 32, 48 and 64 player map variants
Q: Will there be a ranked/competitive mode?
A: not at the start, we'll consider it later in the development
Q: Do you have plans for a campaign?
A: No such plans for near future.WW3 will be purely multiplayer, however if WW3 will be successful who knows ? We have many friends who serve in the army, experienced real war in the Middle-East and some other places around the world etc. We think that none of today singleplayer FPS games shows the real face of war, the real tension and fear of combat, so eveything is possible in the future.
Q: We know that players won't be able to pilot jets or sail ships on the release of the game but Do you plan to make them drivable by players in the future?
A: It's possible but not planned for near future.
Q: What planes will you be able to fly?
A: None, at least for now. We've got quite a few flying drones though - we also have plans to add drone helicopters like Dragonfly or MQ-8C Fire Scout.
Q: So we won't see manned-aircraft played by players?
A: Nope, World War 3 was designed with emphasis on infantry and vehicle combat. On the modern battlefield the jets provide support and precision strikes on the targets indicated by infantry. Because of that, in WW3, jets will act as support and won't be player controlled.
Q: what kind of vehicles are we going to see in the game?
A: Tanks, IFVs, APCs, UGVs, UFVs
Q: "Will there be only dediated mbts like the leopard 2 and the t-90 and ifvs like bmps or more specific vehicles like the pzh2000, bmpt-72 terminator2, spz fuchs, tos-1 buration and so on ?"
A: You will be able to customize each vehicle to make it look and feel like a specific version of the base vehicle. Take a basic Leopard 2A4 and make it into a Leo 2SG if you want. It's all about your creativity and needs.
Q: Will there be a light armored vehicle to transport infantry?
A: Yeah
Q: "Will there be vehicles that require multiple people to operate?!"
A: Yes! But there are also options to lock your vehicle and/or kick out unwanted soldiers.
Q: "will there be air controlled plane vehicles and sea?"
A: Air vehicles will take supportive role, they will be called in by ground troops as in real life. Map design is focused on ground combat, soldiers and armored vehicles play the main role in WW3. Thanks for the question
Q: With the great popularity of World of Tanks in your target regions, can we expect modern tank battles? (exclusively tanks, no aircraft or infantry)
A: not in the Early Access, but there's no technical reason we can't add a game mode like this later
Q: Will shooting in WW3 be similar to shooting in Escape From Tarkov or Arma 3
A: It's not as realistic as in Arma. We kept the ballistic curves and overall weapon characteristics close to the real thing, but we had to scale down the effective ranges to around a half in order to keep various types of weapons viable.
Q: Is WW3 gonna be the game which shows hardcore players that playing Arcade can also give fun, or the game which shows the arcade players that realistic shooter can also be funny?
A: We are pushing for authentic feel but the fun factor and gameplay will always have priority. So we hope both group of players will enjoy WW3
Q: There will be any form of team organisation? Like squads and squad leader?
A: Yes, there will be a squad system with squad leader playing an important role, more details soon.
Q: will there be lean ingame
A: Yes, and it will be input based, not automatic.
Q:Hey guys! How do you plan on balancing the game without classes? No classes could mean people running around with sniper rifles all day, and i'm sure it's not what you guys want
A: We have implemented a weight system which influences many other mechanics in the game. Also gadgets and strikes should balance many different play styles. WW3 was designed with paper, rock, scissors system in mind. Thanks for the question
Q: Trailer has this move when you can shoot back laying on the back, will we see this in combat?
A: Yes! And it's dynamic and sweet
Q: "Will there be any unlockables? And if how long will it take to unlock everything"
A: Yes. There will be a progression system. You will unlock stuff while leveling up but also buy with in game currency. We are planning to give you some good challenge
Q: "Will players who like a more supportive roles be rewarded in a relatively equal way to that of the offensive role?"
A: The rewards will be relatively equal, yes. It's important to remember that once you choose to play as a Defender you will gain more points for defensive actions, so you'll have to focus on - for example - defending the capture point more than on attacking individual enemies.
Q: Will playing Objective be more or at least equally rewarded in comparison to "playing for kills"?
A: Completing objectives will be more rewarded than just fragging
Q: Will projectiles originate from the face or more from the gun?
A: we've got a hybrid hitscan/ballistic system, so in close quarters we're tracing from the camera and spawn real projectiles after a certain distance
Q: "Will there be Revolution like in BF4"
A: If by "revolution" you mean the ability to destroy buildings and otherwise alter the "big" geometry of the maps - no. You're gonna be able to destroy some props though.
Q: What do you think is the percentage balance between teamplay and lone wolf playing in the game? What will happen if I will move far away from the squad?
A: The emphasis in WW3 is put on squad cooperation and player will be rewarded for fulfilling the role of squadmate. You try lone wolf but you won't get points for squad cooperation.
Q: Any strategic elements? tactical bombings, supply drop, etc.?
A: Yes, and kinda. There are many tactical elements that require teamplay, like supplies. You need to rely on your squad and team to keep on fighting.
Q: "Which Spot System can we Expect from WW3 ?"
A: Spotting will be a hybrid of some known systems we liked from other fps shooters
Q: FPS or TTS?
Q: will there be dynamic environments ( destructible scenery ,weather, day & night)?
A: Due to large scale of the maps and level design it will be limited, you will be able to destroy some parts of the environment etc. we want to be focus on gameplay first and after that we get back to destructions (btw online destruction is very hard topic in unreal technology for indie studios).
Q: Will there be a Commander mode?
A: nope
Q: "Will the game feature anti Air scorestreak? Something like a fighter jet passing and taking down enemy Air assets with its missile"
A: Well, you can shoot the drones down using your usual weapons. There are for examples jamming drones But no spoilers.
Q: How many soldiers will the squads have?
A: 4-5 We experiment with balance
Q: Can we shoot an enemy through thin wall, doors and other penetrable obstacles like windows, car doors etc.?
A: out ballistic system takes into account the material depth and density and will let some projectiles through if they should go through in real life. We'll keep it sensible for the game, but the system should allow us to do whatever we want with punching through stuff
Q: "Can I revive my teammates"
A: No, we have other mechanics implemented that allow us to tackle this issue in a playable way.
Q: Will there be limited time events?
A: We'd very much like that but can't give you much details atm.
Q: how complex is the bullet system?
A: quite complex, with wind, drag and different surface simulation, but we will be testing how much of it is really playable, we've gone a bit overboard with it ;)
Q: Is game will be dynamic as COD or more strategic and passive like old BFs?
A: From those two it will be closer to old BFs (we're huge fans of those :))
Q: "Are you able to go into more detail in what an XP based progression system would unlock? Gear/cosmetics and how will you keep the gameplay balanced for those of a lower level"
A: By gaining XP you're gonna earn in-game currency, which will be used to buy weapon parts and improvements. How will we keep it balanced? There will be no objectively weak options. Even a basic weapon has it's advantages - since it has no attachments it's relatively light, so you can run faster.
Q: Is player progress capped at some point? Like fixed lvl cap?
A: it is, but we're planning to have some fun with it, so keep an eye out for more info
Q: Could you elaborate more on your ballistics claim as seen on your site? Quote: "The most authentic bullet vs. armor system in the FPS genre to date"
A: Sure. We went bonkers with it and implemented for example: bullet drag, wind, material penetration, ricochets and bullets are "real projectiles". We are now testing and balancing all of it. Gunplay have number one priority for us. But it must be also fun
Q: "Will the vehicle mechanics be balanced against infantry and complement the level design?"
A: Sure! WW3 aims to show the cooperation of armored units and infantry, and we had to keep that in mind while designing levels and mechanics.
Q: Will top tier Sniper rifles (Barrett M82) insta-kill on hit?
A: It all depends on where you hit em We have sweet spot system implemented and there's the personal armor of course so to sum it up - it depends
Q: I didn't see the answer so I ask one more time. How about the destruction system? Is it possible to destroy some wall or building using weapon just like in BF5? Thanks guys! Great job!
A: Due to large scale of the maps and level design it will be limited, you will be able to destroy some parts of the environment etc. we want to be focus on gameply first and after that we get back to destructions (btw online destruction is very hard topic in unreal technology for indie studios).
Q: "Will vegetation provide effective concealment? If yes, are ghillie suits planned?"
A: The camouflages and vegetation provide some concealment. We don't have ghillie suits right now but I don't see any reason why not to implement them in the feature. Cheers, mate.
Q: "What health system will this game have? Arcade one like Hit Points and recovering by medkits and such or something more sophisticated?"
A: Hit points, although you won't be able to recover them all without using a medkit.
Q: "What is damage like? How many shots for kill on average and will there be a knocked mechanic where you can be picked up by anyone"
A: We are still experimenting with it but we are trying to achieve a balance where TTK enables players to flank. But there is also an personal armor which changes TTK significally, it encourages you to position yourself in a right way (with strike plate in direction of fire). There is no revive mechanic at that point. Thanks
Q: Are the sprinting in the game limited or run freely?
A: Weight will affect the sprint speed but apart from that you can run freely (no stamina system).
Q: "will there be a recoil pattern for the guns like in csgo?"
A: There is a certain pattern, so once you start using a gun you'll be able to learn how to play efficiently with it.
Q: will be there much recoil on weapons and bullet drop?
A: we simulate bullets flying, so sure there is bullet drop, even from pistol shots. "much recoil" isn't really precise, we have different weapons with different recoil values
Q: What type of chat system will be implemented? Will it just be squad based voice chat, or local voice and radio chat, along with text chat of course.
A: We've got different channels to communicate with your team and squad, we won't have voice channels for now, but we're not opposed to the idea
Q: Are you able to go into more detail in what an XP based progression system would unlock? Gear/cosmetics and how will you keep the gameplay balanced for those of a lower level?
A: We don't want you to have to wait for 200 hour for one certain item, so you can unlock everything for in-game currency that you earn by playing
Q: How does infantry gain access or earn the ability to use bombing and precision air strikes such as missiles?
A: By completing map objectives (capturing points, defending points) and by fight (killing enemies, assisting in a kill) you gain points you can spend on various support vehicles (tanks, IFVs, precisions strikes, recon drones etc).
Q: Will tanks be damaged by regular gun fire or do you have to have dedicated anti tank player in your squad?
A: there are different parts of the vehicle that are more or less bulletproof. You won't be able to touch tank's armor with your gun, but there are system on the tank like optics and RCWS that are more prone to breaking with lead.
Q: Will there be classes and if yes how many of them?
A: No, in WW3 we don't have classes but there's so many customization and gear options you can "build" every stereotypical class from the scratch.
Q: How long is 1 match?
A: we're still testing, but it really depends on how the teams are doing. We're aiming at 30-60 minutes for now
Q: What about those flying missiles? Do we have a control over them? How we unlock this?
A: Yes, when you gain points from completing map objectives and the fight you can call a precision strike form the jets on the target designated by you.
Q: Is it possible for country to change side (by for ex. voting) from NATO to Russia or to make unrealistic alliances like Baltic states vs NATO vs Russia vs Polish-Hungary?
A: Yes, we want to make sure our players have someone to play with and in case of massive imbalance you'd be stuck in matchmaking.
Q:"How tactical will the warzone map will be? Can we chose to flank or cut of a map point from the other and will it make a difference?"
A:We are trying to force players into hard and tactical decisions, it is not a 1:1 conquest clone. Epic flanks will be rewarded
Q: Is Free Aim going to be a thing and if it is will it be forced on? If its forced many people will hate it
A: We don’t have free aim at the moment, we do have free look.
Q: "Will there be nade spamming"
A: There's friendly fire, so it would be very unwise to throw nades everywhere.
Q: can we going on the roofs on buildings Battlefield 2 with zip lines .....
A: We don't plan on having zip lines on the start of EA
Q: "What type of rank system will be in place?"
A: It's based on real military ranks, however that's not the end of it.
Can you kill someone by riding tank/vehicle over people?
A: Yep, pretty much
Q: Would you consider adding a way to climb on a tank and sit on it On the sides etc
A: It's an idea we thought about, but it's not gonna be in the game now. You'll be able to attach semtex to moving vehicles and make mobile bombs, so... There's always that, eh?
Q: Will there be some sort of system in place to promote inter-squad cooperation? Or will it just be multiple squads on each side loosely fighting one another?
A: Squad play is at the heart of WW3. You will gain an edge by playing in one (faster strikes, more map options etc.). There are also in-squad objectives
Q: What does WW3 bring to the table that other games don't offer? What does it do better?
A: We've got a robust ballistics system, armor plates, various drones and vehicles, other strikes, gadgets and stuff. Everything is designed to keep people working together and rely on their teammates. We also have extensive customization, with weapon parts, clothing and even vehicle parts.
Q: "what about buggy mechanics like dolphin diving and bunny hopping ? how do you plan to counter those ?"
A: You can't shoot while falling/jumping, so bunny hopping is pretty much useless. Our full body awareness system counters that kinda stuff.
Q: What the ammo count will be like number of magazines or bullets?
A: Bullets
Q: Can a squad leader issue instructions using in game mechanics?
A: Yes.
Q: If enemy shoots us in leg will we get permanently crippled like in old SWAT4 ^^ ?
A: No. We are not trying to make a simulation. Game feel is more important to us.
Q: Will individual infantry be able to call in their own strike? Or does the whole team or squad have to fight for the ability to call in a strike?
A: Every soldier will be able to call in a strike, but it might be wise to listen to the squad leader every now and then and place it where he thinks be best.
Q:"Will there be a limited amount of respawns"
A: In warzone, no. In recon only one live (but there is a twist
Q:Can you provide any more details about the squad or small team make up? Or talk about the squad leaders importance in detail?
A: Our squad leader is the one that decides on the squad movement - marks targets and rally points etc. We try to make the leader work harder, but also get more from his/her play. We have an idea of how we want people to play in teams, but this will be brutally verified by the players, so we're expecting adjustments :P
Q: Will MVP be additionally rewarded?
A: All MVP squad will be additionally rewarded. TEAM WORK
Q: Will control the speed of walk? Depends, for example, on the power of pressing a button.
A: Your speed is determined by your body position and your equipment weight.
Q:how will repairing a tank work?
A: You won't be able to repair a damaged tank fully, but it's subsystems are repairable (optics, rcws etc.)
Q: Since you are aiming for weapon realism as long as it doesn't negatively impact gameplay, are we going to see a ammo/reload system based on how many mags you have left (maybe even switch back to your half full mag when all your other mags are gone) or are we going to see a classic number of bullets remaining and your mag is always full?
A: The former, you will see how many bullets you have left. We would prefer your players to focus on tactics rather than math
Q:"Compared to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, how similar WW3 gameplay will be?"
A: While the gameplay isn't directly comparable, and obviously World War 3 features land vehicles and in-depth customization, we are definitely inspired by how the RO/RS series makes you feel like an actual soldier.
Q: How difficult this game is compared to bf/cod?
A: We're going a bit more the realistic way with recoil and gunplay.
Q: "Will there be a lot of particle effects when it comes to explosions and fire?"
A: Yeah! Our particle artists have bent over backwards to make the explosions look absolutely stunning. Remember the end of our trailer? Basically that kinda stuff.
Q: Will custom server hosting be a thing?
A: Not planned for near future, maybe after early access.
Will game have a Dedicated Server support or will be just Matchmaking?
A: we're using dedicated servers for our matches, but there will be no server browser for the Early Access start
Q: Is the game peer-to-peer or star connection with server being the central node if server based system where are the servers going to be located?
A: we're using dedicated servers for game hosting and players connect to them, P2P with that many players and vehicles wouldn't really work.
Q: Will the Dev team look at SpatialOS Technology in the future? I think this is a really good opportunity to take the scale of a warfare based game to a truly epic level.
A: We are aware of the technology, but we've decided to go with standard dedicated servers for our game.
Q: South America Severs?
A: we can't really say, but we'd like to have as many locations and continents as is possible.
Q: "Where will the matchmaking servers be located at?"
A: We can confirm US and EU, but probably we're gonna have more.
What is your take on lag problems? Do you prioritize it somehow?
A: We've had people focus on server optimization and networking from the beginning, we're testing on real servers, we got this
Q: How to get the first experience of the game?
A: Follow our socials for more info :)
Q: "About the Beta. Will the people who subscribed to the newsletter also get informed via email?"
A: Yeah, that's what newsletters are for.
Q: What kind of benefits will the early access grant?
A: You can help us steer the game into the direction you want earlier. We're not joking about listening to community feedback and we have plans to make the communication between us easier.
Q: Will there be embargo for closed beta test? Like streaming etc?
A: At first there will be an embargo, but it will be lifted at some point during the closed beta.
Q: Are there any specific requirements to join closed beta tests or anyone have a chance to join? Can we expect it before september?
A; We'll announce enrollment on our social profiles and website, anyone will have a chance to join. You can also subscribe to the newsletter.
Q: Do we need to register for early access
A: No, all you need is Steam account
Q: what is the expected R3L3ASE D4TE
A: 2018
Q: How long would you like to stay in EA?
A: 12-15 months
Q:Will there be a reward for people who bought the game for early access?
A: Yes, we'd like to reward our most loyal fans who supported the game from the very beginning
Q: How much the game will cost in steam ?
A: Very affordable, certainly less than 60$
COST Q: "Will there be different priced versions of the game? Or just one price and no premium/collectors edition etc?"
A: For sure, not in early access
Q: "you can buy stuff in game? is gonna be a pay to win...."
A: You CAN buy stuff in game, but only for in-game currency you earn for playing. There will be no possibility of buying currency or gameplay-altering equipment for real money, hence there is no possibility of our game becoming pay to win.
Q: DLCs or full game?
A: Full game and then some cool DLC
Q: Will we get any kind of microtransactions? Something like specific nation uniforms etc? Is there going to be a loot crate system?
A: We've decided to not feature microtransactions ain Early Access, we'll think it over with the community and then decide. It's possible we'll introduce them but only for visuals but we're not planning on going pay 2 win ever
Q: Will there be any kind of esport/competitive support? e.g. spectator mode, 4v4-8v8 game modes that would fit?"
A: Yes - we have some very big ideas the kind of a multinational e-sport entertainment or online world-cups, but at first we've gotta finish the game and see how popular it gets. Spectator mode and TDM game modes are more possible, perhaps likely to appear during the first year after we get into Early Access.
Q: Will a party system be implemented to make playing with a small or large group of friends easier than just hit play and hope to be squaded together
A: Yes, you'd be able to invite your steam friends to a team and together enter the fray.
Q:"Will there be a way to make a clan, organization, or a method for fostering a community within the game?"
A:Clan support will be added later in early access, for now you are able to create a squad in lobby and than join any battle with your mates. Cheers
Q: Whats about russian official community?
A: We'd very much like that and we're actively looking for a Russian speaking community manager, we already identified some promising candidates so it's only a matter of time now
Q: How has the huge interest after the trailer changed the discussions of development, if at all?
A: We've been watching literally everything that came out and it did change the internal discussion about the game, but we have a plan to follow so we can deliver EA when we're planning to.
Q: "How big will be difference between trailer and EA product ? Usually AAAs like to overhype trailer and not deliver"
A: We will release a gameplay trailer soon, you can see by yourself. But assets used in reveal trailer were all in-game assets.
Q:"Will new game modes/maps be created from scratch or you already have some prototypes?"
A:There are some prototypes but we want to give our community some choices in this topic.
Q: Approximated gameplay release date?
A: June/July. Soon, we're working on a gameplay trailer as we speak
Q: Will you do another AMA after this?
A: Yes, keep an eye on our socials
Q: Will in-game name be same as Steam name or it will be custom and will it be required to use other name if someone already took it?
A: Steam names will be used
Q: What do you mean by modified UE4?
A: We've modified some of the core UE4 functionality to fit our needs.
Q: "How about game/fps Performance?"
A: If your rig is around what we recommend on our Steam page there's nothing to worry about.
Q: Can the game requirements be increased? Or rather the opposite?
A: We are optimizing game to optimal requirements
Q: "Is this game Blueprint based or normal c++ or hybrid ?"
A: C++ 4 life!
Q: How much you care about game sound quality?
A: Very much But seriously, our last game (Get Even) was nominated for BAFTA for audio so don't worry
Q: What anti cheat measures will you be implementing in the game?
A: A trustworthy one but we can't give more details now
Q: Will there be modding support and what kind of modding will be possible
A: Not during early access.
Q: "Have you guys considered going to kickstarter so people from different countries could support game with extra funds to get their national forces or capital into the game?"
A: We've been thinking about that, it certainly is an idea worth keeping in mind but we cannot confirm that yet.